Ecolimpia SAS ESP is a company of the CIUDAD LIMPIA organization dedicated to advising, consulting and providing comprehensive services for the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste from household, commercial, industrial and agro-industrial sources, in its components of collection, transportation, treatment, use and/or final disposal, within the framework of the circular economy, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and environmental preservation.


ECOLIMPIA SAS ESP is an integrated waste management company that provides customized environmental solutions framed in continuous improvement and circular economy, offering high-tech services for advice, consulting and waste management, in compliance with environmental regulations, seeking the satisfaction of our customers in the environmental, social and economic dimensions.


ECOLIMPIA SAS ESP will be in 10 years an integral company of environmental services and solutions at national level positioned in the integral management of waste under precepts of circular economy and sustainability.



Respect is the recognition of the freedom that all people have to act and live in society, as long as their actions do not affect the rights of others.


Honesty is the fulfillment of business objectives and family responsibilities entrusted to each one, based on moral principles.


Responsibility is the commitment of individuals and work teams to perform well in the positions delegated to them, to respond to the trust that others place in them and to fully comply with the duties and obligations both in the Company and in the family.

Service Attitude

It is the personal attitude that allows CIUDAD LIMPIA employees to serve users with the highest quality, facilitating the satisfaction of their needs beyond the simple and usual provision of service.

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